Data Privacy

Anonymous Usage is used anonymously, only the operators have credentials consisting of an ID and password.

Should you try to log on, your input data will be saved temporarily but they will be deleted after four hours at the latest.

Other than that, no data about the anonymous usage are being collected in any way. is using two cookies: one named PHPSESSID to identify the session and one starting with winID to identify the browser tab. Both are randomly generated, i.e. no useful information can be extracted from them.

Newsletter, Calls for Donations, Greetings is sending newsletters (irregularly), monthly reports, weekly reports for two months a year, calls for donations and Christmas greetings to a list of interested persons. For this purpose, persons are registered in a database with their name and email address. does not store postal addresses.

Why am I receiving mails from

Solely personal contact to Karin Schmidt leads to your being added to the contact database of and thereby to the receipt of reports, calls for donations and greetings via email.

By the way: you can recognize whether the mail really was sent from The addressee consists of name and email address, the salutation is not anonymous (exception: newsletters) and every email ends with the logo of

What if I do not want to receive mails anymore?

Please contact the operators of, we will remove you as soon as possible or delete your contact data.

Data Propagation does not give away personal data, neither does it make them available to third parties.

Forwarding Addresses

There are no mail addresses forwarding mails to anybody other than the operators of

Related Sites

Sites, and are hosted on the same server. Please read up on their data privacy statements. Some of those statements are only available in German, if you need transaction just ask  


Tuesday, 20. April 2021