Life in an Andean village

In this part of our homepage the description of the life of the people in the two villages Chaullaccocha and Chupani as well as the possibility to get to know some families better can be found. Some of the aspects of their lives are far away from the imagination of a European and this became obvious to Alipio and me once more when we took up two 20-year old Germans. At this point both of them had lived nearly a year here in Peru, had seen a couple of things and of course had read our project description. Consequently they thought that they knew everything. But what a surprise! The reality they encountered was much more impressive and tougher. Afterwards they were completely convinced of the necessity and usefulness of our project.

Consequently we tried to capture the common life conditions in the document “Life in an Andean village”. We hope that the picture provide an impression and an idea of the situation of the families and especially of the children.

In addition we selected six families as a kind of “models” and interviewed five of them. Now there is the possibility to get to know these families better and to follow their changes and development in the next couple of years. The problem we encountered was the fact that the general life conditions such as:

  • Condition of their houses as well as food and health
  • Their current wishes
  • Their dreams for their children

are basically identical. We tried to vary the descriptions a bit and consequently we didn’t always describe all aspects in its full details. Some of the work more often as porters at the Inca Trail, others do own a couple of animals more but at the end of the day the conditions and consequences are more or less the same for all of them. Of course some of them do have special worries and problems such as Mario and Gregoria with her son Jaime or Tito and Juana with her daughter Analis.

Welcome to participate in the life of these people who are that far but on the other hand that close:

Llipin Yahuar - Todas las Sangres

Allerlei Herzblut – Lifeblood

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Tuesday, 11. May 2021