From the alpaca to the scarf

Selection of the animalsBrowse

The selection of the animals is studied in theory and practice. The shearing takes place in December during the rainy season when it is warmer.

Sorting the woolBrowse

After sorting the wool, it is spun. While Juan shows the usage of the spinning wheels, the women continue working with the traditional method. Already the girls (here Aida) know how to use the spindles. The spinning wheels, which were bought by the project due to the support of the Entwicklungshilfeklub Austria (together with the looms), rotate between the families.


Only natural substances are used for dying (herbs, cochineal insects). We told Juan and the women that they have to keep some colors (e.g. the blue) as a secret because we haven’t seen it anywhere else until now.

Traditional weavingBrowse

Now and in the future the traditional weaving takes place. The work with the looms requires a more time consuming preparation. These looms rotate between the families as well and sometimes the “head of the household” (here Antonio) gets introduced as well.


Lucia shows proudly how well she can manage the loom in the meantime and makes the coasters. She said: “Until recently I didn’t even know that such a machine even exists and now such a miracle is in my house – and I know how to handle it! The best thing is that even after hours of weaving; my back doesn’t ache at all.”

Combination of colorsBrowse

Juan talks about the combination of colors and the distribution of the strips with designs with the women. Of course the designs itself are remain unchanged as we want to preserve their traditions.

Brushing or the sewingBrowse

Depending on the product the finalization requires either a special brushing or the sewing machine. This technical novelty is of interest for the men (here Tito) as well.


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