Photos 2016/1

Photos 2016/1

Martina and BarbaraBrowse

We met Martina and Barbara, who had er youngest daughter Dayana on her back, when they were busy preparing a traditional loom for a poncho. We joined them and while Alipio talked with Martina about the poncho I made friends with Dayana.

A sunny afternoonBrowse

On a sunny afternoon Juana and her kids were outside. They practiced for school and showed us proudly their exercise books with everything they had learned so far. Due to our conversations they start teaching Spanish early in Chaullaccocha and integrated it into their daily work. The small ones learn counting: "One soap, two soaps, three soaps, ...". The bigger ones practice writing with sentences such as "Before eating the hands have to be washed.". With this the importance of hygiene is pointed out further.

Way home from schoolBrowse

On the way back from the families who live further away we meet children on their way home from school quite often. They need an hour for the whole distance. Of course they walk in groups to have some fun - if it is not raining too hard. The traditional sling is still used as school backpack.

Rainy seasonBrowse

During the rainy season in February 2016 a natural dam of a lake higher up in the mountains broke and caused a flood wave. It is the stream which has to be crossed before Chupani Pampa when you come down from Chupani. In the past the stream was split in two parts so that there were two bridges. The first made of tree trunks and twigs has disappeared and the second one bridges dry stones only. The stream follows a new course now. When observing the side it is obvious that this was not the first flood wave. Therefore the people build their houses with a corresponding distance to avoid damage.

School materialBrowse

The school material for this year was handed over to each child personally. The teachers received the hygiene material (toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, etc.). They planned to put hooks for each child in the class. Of course the toothbrushes will be replaced regularly. After breakfast and lunch there is quite a crowd around the washbasins when all of them brush their teeth. To enhance our collaboration with the schools we built a green-house together. Prof. Wilbert as well as the children are looking forward to the first vegetables.

Flat tireBrowse

A flat tire can happen quite easily. Therefore Alipio and Juan are experienced in solving the issue. Of course it is much simpler in sunshine. The gas canister was used to jack up the bike.


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