Photos 2014

Photos 2014

Families that work with us right from the startBrowse

The difference to October last year is very obvious in the children and within the houses. This means we are on the right track.

Agustin & DemesiaKartoffeln MarioMauro PisigranjaMauro und ApariciaMauro und ApariciaMauro und ApariciaMauro und ApariciaMauro und ApariciaClaudio y Valbina hijaClaudio y Valbina hijaClaudio y ValbinaAndersons BruderCesar ValentinSantusa webenJuliana con bolsaLuciacon bolsaKochen & EssenMartina & MädchenKochen & EssenAntonio HausCasa AlejandrinaCasa AlejandrinaEugeniaEugeniaTito & Juana HijasTito & Juana HijasSantusa & DanielSantusa & Daniel

Families that we included now into the programBrowse

Part 1: Families that we included now into the program. As in the first group we don’t have pictures of all of them because the circumstances are not always the best for taking pictures.
Part 2: Three kids from families who work with us and one not from our group.

DaisyFamilia Puma SulcaFlora & AntonioBarbara FamiliaBarbara TruchasErnesto y MargaritaVictoria y IvanMädchen mit unsMädchen mit unsFrediMädchen nicht mit uns

Situation in the houseBrowse

Depending on the situation in the house the guinea pigs have been deprived of their freedom.

Antonio MeerschweinchenAgustin & DemesiaMario MeerschweinchenRoberto MeerschweinchenMeerschweinchen DanielMauro und Aparicia

In the house of Tito and JuanaBrowse

In the house of Tito and Juana de difference in the cooking area between October 2013 and now is more than obvious.

Tito y JuanaTito & JuanaTito & Juana Cuyes

New treatment possibilitiesBrowse

Alipio is very happy and of course very proud of all of the things he got. Needless to say that he started immediately using the new treatment possibilities.

Medizinisches MaterialMedizinisches MaterialWarzenWarzenTratamiento VerugasTratamiento VerugasTratamiento VerugasTratamiento VerugasTratamiento VerugasTratamiento VerugasBehandlung MarioBehandlungBehandlung Mario

Meetings in Chaullaccocha and ChupaniBrowse

Part 1: The meeting in Chaullaccocha was completely relaxed and quite funny. They asked if we would repeat some of our courses so that they can memorize better the information. Of course this is more than welcome and it shows the great work done by Alipio and Juan.
Part 2: In Chupani we had to clarify a couple of things which didn’t make everybody happy. Therefore it took longer and Coca ensured that the concentration was kept up. As usually, it was time for the consultation hour afterwards.

VersammlungVersammlungVersammlungVersammlungVersammlungVersammlungVersammlungReunion Chupani KarinReunion Chupani AlipioReunion ChupaniReunion ChupaniReunion Chupani AlipioReunion Chupani NinoReunion Chupani AlipioReunion ChupaniReunion Chupani AlipioReunion Chupani Nino

Kitchens, movements and new motorbikeBrowse

Part 1: Flora and Antonio explained why the kitchens installed by another NGO can’t be used. These ones are much too big for the daily usage and consequently need way too much of the precious heating fuel. Therefore they stick to the old one – despite of the smoke. Even a worm can end up in the pot in case it doesn’t get sorted out earlier.
Part 2: The teachers have to practice movements with the children as even the basic coordination is quite difficult for most of them.
Part 3: Our new motorbike caused quite some interest.


Brige, landscape and weatherBrowse

Part 1: The new bridge in Chupani required some courage when using it the first time while the one in Chaullaccocha needed a detour.
Part 2: The morning activities in front of our house (Alipio had to wait a bit).
Part 3: A few impressions of landscape and weather.

Chupani PuenteChupani PuentePuenteVor der HaustrVor der HaustrVor der HaustrLluviaLluviaSchneeSchneeLagunaSchnee ChupaniBerge mit SchneeBerge mit SchneeWanderungWanderungWanderungWanderungLandschaft Chaulla obenLandschaft Chaulla obenPaisajeChaullaccochaPaisaje


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