This project differs from others, which exist in the Holy Inca Valley or its surroundings, in several basic aspects. Instead of just giving things to the people and then leave, it is our goal to improve their lives based on resources they have combined with special training without changing it fundamentally. All of the families working with us do this voluntarily.

The project with the two communities Chaullaccocha and Chupani on 4.200m is going to run for ten years. It consists of the following components:

We do work directly with the components in dark green while for the schools we handle the buying, distribution and control only. The component “hygiene / homes” is a project in itself and consists of five steps. Hygiene is the prerequisite for each family to get from one improvement to the next. For each one the families must contribute something. The first families reached step three, the improvements in breeding guinea-pigs, by the end of 2016. The goal is that as many families as possible will have achieved the shower by 2023 latest.

Due to the daily presence of Alipio Pinto Sila and Juan Huanca Apaza it is ensured that each measure will be implemented together.

Although we are only a small project we depend on regular donations – independent if they are big or small. We guarantee that the money will be used in Peru according to our project description. Ways of helping us in addition to direct donations can be found on “Helping with Allerlei Herzblut”.

In 2014, we won the Entwicklungshilfe Klub Österreich (Development Aid Club Austria) as an important sponsor! The Klub pays for the majority of our material costs. We are very grateful for this support and the trustful collaboration. Please read more about the Entwicklungshilfe Klub at or on Facebook

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