Helping with Allerlei Herzblut!

In the meantime there are several ways of helping us. Of course the most direct one are donations but there are further possibilities!

Donations via MISEREOR

MISEREOR supports us by taking over the management of the donations and issuing the tax notifications but these ones might not be valid outside Germany. This is already an honor! Once a month MISEREOR transfers all donations to our account in the Banco de la Nación in Urubamba and there is no cost for us.

Pax Bank
IBAN: DE75 3706  
Usage: “W30933 Todas las Sangres, Peru“

If someone wants to donate for a special task within our project, please let me know directly via email. For MISEREOR to issue the tax letters they do need the address.

Once month I’m in contact with Mr. Nett from MISEREOR to compare the donations on the account with my information. At the end of the year MISEREOR receives the year-end balance to check.

Talk – Talk – Talk

Simply tell your family, friends and acquaintances about us! Of course I would like to come myself and tell about our project as this is great fun for me. Sometimes it is quite difficult to explain Europeans how the families in Chaullaccocha and Chupani do live as it is that far away from what we are used to for generations.

Celebrations and Presents

In the meantime this is a classic possibility to collect donations. Instead of asking for e.g. birthday presents, just put a collecting box there and ask for donations for our project. Of course I’m providing pictures, etc. for decoration.

If somebody needs a present then a handicraft of one of the women is always an option. In the section “Artesanía” you find a price list and example pictures of the things the women have made as well as pen portraits. Each article is delivered with a picture of the woman who made it and a small product description

Llipin Yahuar - Todas las Sangres

Allerlei Herzblut – Lifeblood

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“W30933 Todas las Sangres, Peru“
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Tuesday, 20. April 2021