Our Friends

We are very happy that we were able to build a circle of private people in Germany as well as other countries whom we consider as our friends since the beginning of the project. We do hope that this circle is going to grow in the future because they are the foundation on which the whole project is built. Due to data security reasons it is not possible to name them here. Nevertheless we want to say “Thank you very much!” to each of them.

In addition we do have friends and supporter whom we want to mention especially with this page to thank them. As all of them are equally important to us they are in an alphabetical order.


The ALTERNAID foundation for people in distress (www.alternaid.de) agreed to pay a part of the salary of Alipio Pinto Sila until July 2018. The importance is that with this they cover a part of the fixed expenses because it is always very difficult to find institutional support for that.

I will never forget the phone call with the positive news that our request has been granted. Even I was speechless!


My form teacher from grammar school told me about the Entwicklungshilfeklub in Austria (www.eh-klub.at). In the first step they accepted financing the start for handicraft (weaving) part of the project by paying the looms, spinning wheels and colors for dying the wool.

For 2015 they agreed to finance all of our planned green houses and the corresponding collection is already up and running. Of course I do have some more components for the next couple of years which I intend to request.

Evangelische Pfarrgemeinde A. B. Zell am See

Another connection to my home region was intensified by the project, it is the connection to the protestant church (www.evangelisch-zellamsee.at) in which I grew up. I was allowed to present the project on two Sundays in December 2013 and a collection was dedicated to the project in 2014. In 2015 we will receive once more a Sunday collection.

Hotel Pakari Tampu

This hotel (www.pakaritampu.com) started to support us in August 2014 by selling the handicraft products in the same way as Qanela does it. In addition they provided medicaments, which are very useful for us. With them our sales network really increased and of course everybody is very happy about it.

When I took a look at the homepage of the hotel I remembered that I spent one night there: in 2010 before starting the Inca Trail.

Restaurant Qanela in Urubamba

The restaurant Qanela in Urubamba (unfortunately without a webpage) supports us by presenting the products of the women from the villages so that guests can buy them. Yudy, the owner, really likes our project and visited the villages already. She considers it to be her duty as Peruvian to take part in the success of the project. With this she started a way of selling which we are trying to enhance to avoid paying rent and salary when we would have an own shop.

In addition she regularly buys potatoes and pays a fair price which are on the menu as a classical starter in this region (“Assortment of Andean Potatoes”).


In the meantime almost everybody knows that we are hiking regularly with lamas in the Rhön region (www.rhoenlamas.de). Therefore it was obvious for the owner Johannes Nüdling to buy some original Peruvian saddles for his lamas. In addition the women designed lovingly some smaller bags for the water bottles.

Of course I have to tell always about the lamas and how the pictures. They really enjoy these stories as our treatment here is completely different than the one in Peru: “They are so clean!”. The women are always very happy when they can make something for these animals and we have to take care to distribute the work in a just way.

Rudolf Schlett & Consultants

Many years ago Rudolf Schlett was my manager. When we met after my return from Peru we talked less about the changes in the job we had made (rudolfschlett.com) and more about my project. He decided spontaneously to substitute the Christmas presents for his clients with a donation for the project and put the project flyers into the cards.

Of course we are still in touch and he keeps on supporting us.

Hein Gericke

The motorbike is for us the safest way to go up into the villages.

No matter what happens with a bike there is always a chance to pass and get through. Biker clothes from Europe is much more suitable to protect Alipio and Juan than the one from Peru. Hein Gericke (hein-gericke.de) supports us with donations of clothes (e.g. jackets and trousers with special protection) or a discount on their products.

Alipio and Juan are always very enthusiastic about it – and it helps handling police controls. Someone with such clothes has to be part of a special unit and no “simple traffic policeman” is going to pick an argument with them.

Hotel La Casona de Yucay

Patricia de Bari took over the hotel (hcy.pe) from her parents and is working on its redesign. She wants to use as much as local handicraft products as possible. We got to know Patty when I tried to increase our sales net.

Since this time we cooperate very well because Patty manages her own social project in Lima and is really enthusiastic about our project. She already bought covers which the women weaved based on a secured order. She still has a long list of things she wants to buy and the women are going to fulfill her desires in the future step by step. In addition she wants to by guinea-pigs as soon as we can show the first successes in this next step of our project.

Llipin Yahuar - Todas las Sangres

Allerlei Herzblut – Lifeblood


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