Handicraft in the Communities

The weaving in the communities differs from the ones made in fabrics or in a more commercial manner. They are completely handmade from the first step (the spinning) until the finalization of the object. The design is authentic as there it is not influenced by the taste of tourists.

The handicraft is one of the few possibilities for the families and especially the women to earn some money but there are hardly any selling possibilities. We are going to work more on that in the future. If someone would like to help one of these women, he/she can buy something. In this page a pricelist and pictures of some examples can be found. Those who are interested please contact me directly.

As can be read in the pen portraits, all of the women, who do have children, want to use the money for their education.

Llipin Yahuar - Todas las Sangres

Allerlei Herzblut – Lifeblood

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Tuesday, 20. April 2021